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UPDATE POST.. Remeber Me?

Hey! yeah I know it has been a good minute.

I feel like sometimes I will have a writing high for a good week or two and then I will have dry seasons where you won't hear from me again. I have been doing guest posting where I am allowing other bloggers to write their mental health stories on my blog, but when it comes to me actually having a post with my own words, well I haven't posted such a thing since January!
So what has been going on with me?

School. School has been mediocre I suppose. I mean that in terms of my grades. I am not failing my classes like I did last semester which is good but I'm not getting B's and A's either. Community college and university are two different ball games when it comes to grading and exams. In community college I was doing really well and flying through my classes now in university I am proud when I get a C+ on a exam because of how difficult the professor grades. If I was cruising through my classes and going at the pace I am …