Zara Anne's Mental Health Story/Encouragement ( Guest Post )

I tweeted over a day ago asking if anyone would like to guest post on my blog in regards to any topic surrounding Mental Health. The sweet Zara Anne from the blog Its All Zara willingly stepped up and I am so glad she did. In her post she gives us a glimpse of some of the trials and obstacles she has had to climb through in terms of getting help within the Mental Health System. Not only does she talk about the peaks and valleys, but also how she persevered through it all. By reading this, you will learn about some deep painful burdens she has had to go through in which has sparked her passion for reaching out to others. I hope you enjoy her story as much as I did and feel encouraged and moved!

Definitely read more about Zara at the end of this post!

I volunteered to write this post for a fellow blogger due to my experience and knowledge of mental health. As well as the struggles of suffering with a mental health disorder. I have experienced eating disorders, anxiety and depression as well as body image dysmorphia (a condition that causes a person to see their body in a way that isn't healthy and often it is linked to anorexics that feel they are overweight and unhealthy). I actually receive counselling at my college and have had counselling at my other colleges so I am familiar with the cognitive behavioral therapy that is available to those who need it. I was also given anti depressants from my doctor when I left an abusive parent in 2015, I tried the tablets and didn't find them helpful so I was put onto a waiting list in January 2016 for counselling through the NHS and was told they would call me. March 2017 and I still haven't heard back despite me calling my doctor and even the helpline myself, this for me isn't as urgent as it was when I first applied as my mental health has improved to the extent that most days I feel mostly positive. But what would have happened if I were still suffering with depression, suicidal thoughts and a severe eating disorder? My doctor knew I had very low image problems and was at my lowest but I was still just a number on a waiting list, how many are on this list with me? How many have taken their own lives because of the pressure and having to wait with tablets given to us as a "in the meantime" measure.
 I manage to keep a lid on my issues through exercise and a healthy meal plan set by me for me. But others aren't helped as easily, some need serious help and I despair every time I hear another poor soul has committed suicide, hurt themselves or given up. I like to think of myself as an advocate for mental health because my struggles and my experience has given me an understanding of those who also suffer and I want everyone to know I am always available for a talk, for a rant, for advice and I will never turn someone away. Because while we on the waiting list sit and wonder if help is ever coming I want to be that help. Mental health disorders are serious and I want to help as many as I can.

You may not hear this enough, but I care. I will always care. If you need to reach out you can reach out to me I promise I won't turn you away. I had a close friend take her life because of her mental illnesses and I refuse to let others sit by without help.


Zara Anne is a writer with several interests. When you read her blog Its All Zara, you will find beauty, fashion, personal experiences and her unwavering passion for mental health. Follow Zara on Twitter!

Twitter: @itsallzara


  1. Mental health really is something that is completely misunderstood in this country. There needs to be much more compassion for those who suffer from it. There also needs to be much more education on the matter, so that those who have mental issues are not discriminated against or looked upon. God bless you and best of luck in the future.

    1. Definitely, I agree! Thank you for reading this story and sharing your thoughts :)

      Nikki O.


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