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Zara Anne's Mental Health Story/Encouragement ( Guest Post )

I tweeted over a day ago asking if anyone would like to guest post on my blog in regards to any topic surrounding Mental Health. The sweet Zara Anne from the blog Its All Zara willingly stepped up and I am so glad she did. In her post she gives us a glimpse of some of the trials and obstacles she has had to climb through in terms of getting help within the Mental Health System. Not only does she talk about the peaks and valleys, but also how she persevered through it all. By reading this, you will learn about some deep painful burdens she has had to go through in which has sparked her passion for reaching out to others. I hope you enjoy her story as much as I did and feel encouraged and moved!

Definitely read more about Zara at the end of this post!

I volunteered to write this post for a fellow blogger due to my experience and knowledge of mental health. As well as the struggles of suffering with a mental health disorder. I have experienced eating disorders, anxiety and depression as…

Suicidal Thoughts: My Hope Is In "2 Corinthians 12:9"

To the average person it doesn't make sense. How can someone want to die when death is usually  something a person fears or avoids?
How can one actually be contemplating a possible way to take their own lives? In some ways it sounds completely bizarre.

But it is a Reality.

For so many people young and old, suicidal contemplation or even the complete act of commiting suicide has poisoned multitudes of generations. I can not help but think who else struggles internally with these thoughts. Who else is ashamed that when things get difficult, overwhelming or painful the only thing their mind reverts to is a overplayed image of ways they can take their life.

I scare myself at times, because I have contemplated suicide at my most low moments, to say I have not tried it more than once in my past would be lying to you. To be completely honest just two weeks ago I remember being in my room one evening sobbing, I was telling myself that I was done with this constant up and down path in lif…