Reflecting On Grades & New Mentality:

I did worse this past Fall semester then I have ever done. Ever. And I do not mean worse as in I got my first C, I mean worse as in D's and an F. Usually I would break down and cry about my results but something inside me changed.

It is 2017 and I am in my last year of college. From the moment I saw my poor scores I knew what exactly happened during the semester that resulted in my failing grades. I also know that I need to really turn things around this Spring semester. So you can say I am doing a lot of reflecting and planning in this post because well it is better to write or (type) things out while reflecting so you have your goals visually in front of you and you can be kept accountable.

Fall 2016: Why Did I fail my classes?

1. I was distracted.
- What was distracting me?
2. Clubs, Social Media, Josh ( I wrote about him in my last post ), loneliness
- Why did I want to be so involved with these distractions?
3. I want to have a close network. Be involved with friends
- I was finally out of my parents house so I felt the need to explore and do my own thing.
- Procrastinated. Did not put in my best work

Spring 2017: What Will Change?
1. Social Media will be deactivated for 5 months
- stepping down from club positions
2. Going to be more aware of deadlines
3. Right after class ends going straight to the library to review class lecture
- write out question to ask professor during office hours
4. Complete an assignment the day it is assigned to avoid procrastination
5. By the end of each day be able to check off everything you have accomplished

A lot of people have been writing some type of new year new me type of post. I guess you can kind of call what I am writing the same thing, but I am taking it little by little. I am starting with these first five months of this year and focusing on my academics as well as my mindset.

Fall 2016

I had a mindset that revolved around:
" I can't"
"I wish"
" Well that is how God made me"

Spring 2017: For this coming semester I want to start

- taking responsibility for my own choices
- always sit, reflect & revise a plan
- Refrain from the negative thoughts I tell myself ( HUGE ONE)
- Constantly picture me achieving my end goal

I wrote these all out in my journal and I could just keep it to myself, but I am posting it here because someone may have also been distracted recently and it is affecting their results whether it is academically, spiritually, etc. This is me reflecting and showing my mistakes so that whoever is in the same boat does not feel like they are the only ones struggling academically... We Can Do This. We just got to want it bad enough.

Nikki O.


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