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Hidden Figures The Movie. // There Is Nothing To Big To Handle

Hey Friends!

So I am not a movie review blogger or anything of that sort. Nonetheless, I watched this inspiring movie and knew I had to write about it!
Hidden Figures was just the movie I needed to see. Sometimes I feel like God knows exactly what to put in front of me, in order to tie everything together and get me moving and back on my feet again. While watching this movie it was as if I was being told that I have the upmost potential and ability to achieve anything I set my mind on. Let me tell you, I feel refreshed. I feel like I can take a deep breath and look this new school year and the rest of my life straight in the eye and say “ there is nothing too big for me to handle”

 “Yes, they let women do some things at NASA, Mr Johnson, and it’s not because we wear skirts. It’s because we wear glasses”
Hidden Figures, tells the true story of three intelligent young black women  (Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson,  & Dorothy Vaughn ) who were the first of their kind  to contribute in the beginnings of the NASA program.

I recently posted on Instagram saying that black men and women are constantly beating the odds and it is so true. From where our ancestors first started, in the midst of slavery, to segregation to racism up to now, I feel as if black men and women are showing their unwavering ability to succeed even in the midst of adversity.

"Courage Has NO Limits. Strength Has NO Gender"

So what does this mean for the rest of us?

Do not let society dictate your future and where you will end up in the next five to ten years. STRIVE to be on top. I know this sounds cliché and it is literally what I have been writing about for the past two or three post, to strive to be the best and all. But I mean it is true, that “ New Year, New Me” vibe you were feeling a few weeks ago? Don’t let it fade! In this movie, Mary Jackson had a goal to be an engineer, but first she had to get her masters. Unfortunately, the school that she would have to go to only accepted white students, on top of that she was a WOMEN. But she fought and strived for what she wanted, went to court and not only made her case, but came out victorious. She was able to be the first black women to attend an all white Masters program and become a successful black engineer, that essentially paved the way for not only black women, but all women every where to pursue a career in the sciences. Like is that slayage or what?! ( I know slayage is probably not a word.. ).

So how are you doing with your goals that you set at the beginning of the year? Let us keep each other accountable and not loose our spirit. If you like these kind of post definitely read my recent one called Embracing Consistency and Passion!

Nikki O.


  1. This is so inspiring! I can't wait to watch this soon it sounds like a really good film. I think you are right Black people are beating the odds and it's such a great thing!!

    1. You will really enjoy it! Let me know when you watch it I would love to know what you thought of it!

      Nikki O.

  2. It sounds like a very inspirational movie, I love films like that!

    Corinne x

    1. Me too! Movies that show people persevering through the hardest circumstances is empowering:)

      Thank you so much for your comment Corinne!

      Nikki O.

  3. After reading your thoughts, I feel like I really need to watch this movie now. Your words are so inspiring! By the way, Nikki~ I mentioned your blog in one of my latest blog posts "I thought blogging wasn't for me" because I really love the things you write on your blog :)

    1. Thank you so much Nana! I read your post and commented!
      Thank you so much for that shout out, I am so glad my writing inspires you :). Never give up on something you are passionate about girl!

      Nikki O.

  4. This is the best films I've seen in years! I only wish we were taught about more amazing women in school. Octavia Spencer is one of my favorites! She's so brilliant.
    Great post.


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