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Family Violence. // We Have Lost Love In Our Homes.

There was a recent report from TheGailyGrind that I came across on Facebook, in which broke my heart. A mother admitted to ambushing and killing her gay son because she could not accept his sexual orientation..

I was filled with a flood of emotions and thoughts and  just ranting a little paragraph on Facebook about it was not enough. I had to go deeper.

No, I will not be discussing whether I am for or against gay marriage. Although that topic of gay rights is crucial and needs attention, that is not my main focus of this post.

Love. Family: Your Flesh And Blood.
Those words are most likely going to be repeated in this post more than once.

Correct me if I am wrong, but when you decide to have a family you are committing to going through peaks and valleys with these people in your life. They are the ones you see when you wake up and before you go to bed, they are the people that are suppose to display the first example of Love.

I think we all know first hand that being a teen/young adult is tough.
I mean from 13 years old your body is changing and hormones are flying. 16 years and you are diving into the sea of friendships and relationships, 17 to 19 you are overwhelmed with the thought of university and the list goes on.

Nowadays teens and young adults are trying to maneuver through social media, technology, cyberbullies, real life bullies, I mean they are exploring this crazy, fun, yet terrifying world having in mind that they will meet harassment and judgement.

But that is out in the world.
 That is what they should expect when they leave the house and meet the world.

When they come home, to their families, shouldn't it be a different story?

Forgive me, I do not mean to be oblivious. I know families are not prefect themselves, I am fully aware of that. Every family goes through their own trials and tribulations.

I am sure we can all agree that no one is prefect, we are all flawed. I am not better than you and vice versa. So what gives ANYONE the right to take the life of another human being? On top of that your own flesh and blood?

Let us put aside whether or not you agree with one's lifestyle, or maybe you go by a specific faith. Regardless, a family. is a home. a community where a teen is suppose to come back to at the end of the day and feel SAFE because they are a gift to you. Cherish Them. 

Why is it that more and more each day we are seeing reports of teens/children/ young adults being harassed, beaten, abused, even murdered in their own home by their own loved ones?

Can you wrap your head around this thought? it's as if this family violence is becoming normal. It is not. This is not normal.

Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Older siblings, Sisters, Brothers, stop trying to FIX the other person or teach them a lesson. First and foremost LOVE your children.

Nikki O.


  1. This truly saddens me knowing that there are parents and people like this in this world. I agree with everything you said. I wish families are more loving with each other, and things like this should not happen at all. My heart hurts so much.

    I know this is not so relevant but your words make you so wise beyond your years Niiki, and this was a really well thought out, honest response to such a tragic event.

    1. Excatly, I do not even know the boy and I was in tears when I read the story. We definitely need to start showing more love in our families. Thank you so much Nana for reading, this was definitely a post that came from my heart and I am glad that you took the time to read and comment :)
      Wow thank you so much, I am definitely trying to use blogging as a way to improve on my writing so that really means a lot that you said that!

      Nikki O.

  2. I tried replying earlier but my phone slipped out of my hand and it was all gone so I'll try this again....
    I just can't understand this. How do people even come up with this kind of ideas? I know that this "parents own their children" was a thing in the past, but what kind of a lunatic would have this mindset now? People aren't perfect, but the amount of hatred in some is just too much for me to comprehend.
    Just like you've said, family is where you come to feel safe.

    1. I agree, These kind of acts are so difficult to comprehend, I had to look the article up a good three times cause I just couldn't believe a Mother would do that, but unfortunately it is a reality in this world and it sickens me ๐Ÿ˜”. Thank you so much for reading and commenting Halyna, I really appreciate it!

      Nikki O.

  3. I hadn't heard of this and it genuinely horrified me to read. You're exactly right - your family is meant to be your refuge; your sanctuary away from the drama and tribulations of the outside world. Your mother especially is meant to PROTECT you and love you; it's unfathomable that a mother would murder her child for something as trivial as sexual orientation.

    In the context of this, it may sound really trivial, but the series Sense8 dealt with this issue really well. The main character (a Mexican man) was forced out of the closet and hit with all this abuse, but he went home (expecting more) and his mother appeared really angry - but turned her anger towards all her friends and family that weren't supportive towards her son. It was actually a really beautiful scene to watch and I was reminded of it reading this.

    Mia //

    1. Excatly! I agree Mia. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I know this was a heavy topic but it was definitely important to spread awareness.
      I have never seen Sense8! I will definitely have to watch it :)

      Nikki O.

  4. This made me so heartbroken and angry to read. I see news like this so frequently that it doesn't even shock me as much it used to.. and that is a really horrifying thing, like you said. I really don't understand why people have children if they're not ready to take on all the responsibilities. Don't they see they help mould and shape their child. You're right, the world is a difficult place as it is and family should be the safe haven, no worries, no fears. We need more love in this world.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this topic, Nikki.

    Beverley | word drift

    1. Thank you for reading Beverley! I am the same way, I will hear about terrible incidents like this and automatically be numb to it cause it happens so often, it's heartbreaking.
      Thank you for your thoughtful comment :)

      Nikki O.


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