Dear 30 Year Old Me... I Got Alot of Questions!

As odd as it sounds I am ready for school! Everyone & their grandma has started school except me. I don't start until the 19th of this month lol.

If you have read some of my post from two days ago you will know that I did terrible last year academically, so I have been kind of beating myself up.. But I think I am at the point where I have left my week long pity party and I am ready to start being excited for the future and this next semester.

I turn 22 this year which got me thinking. I will be 30 in like 8-9 years. That may seem like a long time away which it is, but i couldn't help but wonder how completely differnet my life will be at that time. What exciting things life will be throwing at me.

 I am hoping by 30 I have finished all my schooling and I am diving into my career. So here is a rather detailed letter of questions I would ask my 30 year old self!!

 [ Long Post Alert!!]

        This is your 21 year old self writing to you wondering how you ended up. You can say I got a lot of questions and I am hoping at 30 you still have this blog open so you can maybe answer these questions for me. That would be really cool!

So here we go...

Did you take a year off after college? Or go straight into law school? How long did it take you to finish? Are you working right now or still looking for a job? Maybe you ditched the whole law school dream of yours and decided to take on social work after all? How was it? Are you now working for the government or in a local hospital? Well whatever you are doing at that age I am 100% sure you are do it well.
      How about your overall confidence and self esteem? I am praying you are feeding your mind with positive thoughts. I hope you have improved your mentality, I am sure the adult world is tough enough so you dont need to make it even more rough by putting yourself down. I really do hope your mental health has healed.. I hope you have finally came to a point where you like yourself or even better love yourself enough.
     How is your faith and relationship with Jesus Christ? Are you spiritually healthy or still struggling to know who God is? Either way God has not and has never given up on you, so no matter how many mistakes you have made or how many times you run from him he is always there whenever your ready to run back. Remember That.
      How about your really good friends from college and high school? Do you still talk to any of them? Who is still in your life and who have you shut out for good? Let me just tell you at 21 your teasing one of your best friend's telling her she will marry her boyfriend.. well does she?! Do you end up planning her wedding like you tease her about?!

     Okay you know I have to ask, how is the love life? Are you married yet or just cruising through the single life a little longer. If you are married, how was your wedding? Was it everything you ever dreamed of? Are your good friend's in your wedding?? Are you in their wedding? And your husband/boyfriend? Oh I can't  wait to hear all about him! .. If you are single, please tell me you are traveling like you always wanted to! Have you written that book that you have always wanted to write and publish?

So many questions, I know. And the list still goes on. But I will stop there, because this post is extremely long ( haha)

Dear 30 year old me, I would love to know where life has taken you. I am wondering because at this point that I am writing this feeling a little confused of where life is going to take me. Hope to hear from you soon!

Your 21 year old self

Nikki O.

 Think about a age in your life where you hope you are done with school and have your life together. If you were to write a letter to your future self, what questions would you like to ask?


  1. I struggled a bit to find the comment section but here I am!
    I really loved this post and the idea behind it! I'm 21 and turning 22 this year so I can really relate to your letter and mine would be very similar, for sure a lot of questions ahah

    Samantha |

    1. Haha yes I am definitely really curious about the future. Thank you so much again for your comment Samantha!x


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