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Seven Songs I Have On Repeat!

Hey Friends,

What Type Of Music Are You Listening To?

Have you ever thought about all the different types of songs that come out in our society and really listened to the lyrics? You have some songs that go from degrading women as objects to songs that literally promote pride and self loathing, killing, and adultery. It is kind of sad when you think about it, the fact that those themes are the type of content that a majority of our generation buys and listens to often.

Ever since I was a little kid my parents, especially my mom were always cautious about the shows my siblings and I would watch, what we would post on social media, the books we would read etc. Obviously now that I am older I have freedom in that, but the point is that because they showed me at a young age the importance of being cautious as to what you listen to and watch, I have adopted that mentality. I truly believe that whatever you feed to your mind and soul will eventually come out whether it is through your action…

"Don't Let Fear Stop You From Living"

"Don't Let Fear Stop You From Living"
"Don't Let Fear Stop You From Living" 
"Don't Let Fear Stop You From Living" 

Someone retweeted this quote on twitter and I immediately opened my computer to start writing. I typed it out like three times because it really stood out to me. I have been thinking a lot about the concept of fear lately, especially with all the chaos going on in our world today. After the unfortunate event at Manchester I knew that I wanted to write a post revolving around fear because lets be honest I and I am pretty sure everyone reading this is or has been carrying a inner feeling of fear in their spirit.

What thing/s are you scared of at the moment? Maybe school, losing friends, the future, death, violence, making sacrifices, new job, losing a job, the list can go on. I think so many times we are focused on putting on this face as if we are invincible and have tough skin that we totally forget that hey, you are human and it i…

" The M is Silent" by Erika Reva

I can tell you from experience opening up about a personal stigmatized topic like mental health is not easy. So I can not thank Erika Reva and her parts enough for sharing. Read about the true, transparent  journey of Dissociative Identity Disorder. Then get to know more about Erika and her parts in the bio below! 

“I don’t remember but I believe you.”This short phrase is something I myself have solid memories of uttering all throughout my life, but especially high school and the years that followed. Dissociating through life and school years can be an unbelievable challenge, this is beyond true for people who do not know this is what has been happening; which for me, was the case.
In our school years many of us know what it is to be stressed, bullied, and anxious about any number of things. Our peers can make life difficult and we begin to rely on the few friends or people we deem worthy of our trust. Our parents “don’t get it” nor are they always a safe option and very few relatives…

UPDATE POST.. Remeber Me?

Hey! yeah I know it has been a good minute.

I feel like sometimes I will have a writing high for a good week or two and then I will have dry seasons where you won't hear from me again. I have been doing guest posting where I am allowing other bloggers to write their mental health stories on my blog, but when it comes to me actually having a post with my own words, well I haven't posted such a thing since January!
So what has been going on with me?

School. School has been mediocre I suppose. I mean that in terms of my grades. I am not failing my classes like I did last semester which is good but I'm not getting B's and A's either. Community college and university are two different ball games when it comes to grading and exams. In community college I was doing really well and flying through my classes now in university I am proud when I get a C+ on a exam because of how difficult the professor grades. If I was cruising through my classes and going at the pace I am …

" I lived In A Religious Household.. Mental Health Was Never Really Discussed" -- Sipiwe Bwalya's Mental Health Story

I have been opening up this page of my blog for other writers to share their Mental Health story or even share their knowledge of the stigma going around about mental health. A fellow writer named Sipiwe Bwalya offered to put her story out there. I feel like I can relate to her, especially when she talks about being raised in a religious household. That is even more difficult because there is so much more expected of you when being raised in a religious household. I hope you sympathize with her story as much as I did. Plus find out where you can learn more about Sipiwe and her blog below!

My second year in University was tough. By the end of it of the year I would barely get up to classes, constantly felt tired, and have panic attacks at the idea of writing my papers. This eventually all caught up to me as I saw my GPA drop. Needless to say that did not help me at all. I felt trapped, helpless, and couldn’t turn to anyone. Most of all I was scared to tell my parents. You see I grew up …

Zara Anne's Mental Health Story/Encouragement

I tweeted over a day ago asking if anyone would like to guest post on my blog in regards to any topic surrounding Mental Health. The sweet Zara Anne from the blog Its All Zara willingly stepped up and I am so glad she did. In her post she gives us a glimpse of some of the trials and obstacles she has had to climb through in terms of getting help within the Mental Health System. Not only does she talk about the peaks and valleys, but also how she persevered through it all. By reading this, you will learn about some deep painful burdens she has had to go through in which has sparked her passion for reaching out to others. I hope you enjoy her story as much as I did and feel encouraged and moved!

Definitely read more about Zara at the end of this post!

I volunteered to write this post for a fellow blogger due to my experience and knowledge of mental health. As well as the struggles of suffering with a mental health disorder. I have experienced eating disorders, anxiety and depression as…

Suicidal Thoughts: My Hope Is In "2 Corinthians 12:9"

To the average person it doesn't make sense. How can someone want to die when death is usually  something a person fears or avoids?
How can one actually be contemplating a possible way to take their own lives? In some ways it sounds completely bizarre.

But it is a Reality.

For so many people young and old, suicidal contemplation or even the complete act of commiting suicide has poisoned multitudes of generations. I can not help but think who else struggles internally with these thoughts. Who else is ashamed that when things get difficult, overwhelming or painful the only thing their mind reverts to is a overplayed image of ways they can take their life.

I scare myself at times, because I have contemplated suicide at my most low moments, to say I have not tried it more than once in my past would be lying to you. To be completely honest just two weeks ago I remember being in my room one evening sobbing, I was telling myself that I was done with this constant up and down path in lif…

Hidden Figures The Movie. // There Is Nothing To Big To Handle

Hey Friends!

So I am not a movie review blogger or anything of that sort. Nonetheless, I watched this inspiring movie and knew I had to write about it! Hidden Figures was just the movie I needed to see. Sometimes I feel like God knows exactly what to put in front of me, in order to tie everything together and get me moving and back on my feet again. While watching this movie it was as if I was being told that I have the upmost potential and ability to achieve anything I set my mind on. Let me tell you, I feel refreshed. I feel like I can take a deep breath and look this new school year and the rest of my life straight in the eye and say “ there is nothing too big for me to handle”
“Yes, they let women do some things at NASA, Mr Johnson, and it’s not because we wear skirts. It’s because we wear glasses” Hidden Figures, tells the true story of three intelligent young black women (Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson,& Dorothy Vaughn ) who were the first of their kind to contribute in the…

Family Violence. // We Have Lost Love In Our Homes.

There was a recent report from TheGailyGrind that I came across on Facebook, in which broke my heart. A mother admitted to ambushing and killing her gay son because she could not accept his sexual orientation..

I was filled with a flood of emotions and thoughts and  just ranting a little paragraph on Facebook about it was not enough. I had to go deeper.

No, I will not be discussing whether I am for or against gay marriage. Although that topic of gay rights is crucial and needs attention, that is not my main focus of this post.

Love. Family: Your Flesh And Blood.
Those words are most likely going to be repeated in this post more than once.

Correct me if I am wrong, but when you decide to have a family you are committing to going through peaks and valleys with these people in your life. They are the ones you see when you wake up and before you go to bed, they are the people that are suppose to display the first example of Love.

I think we all know first hand that being a teen/young adul…

Embracing Consistency & Passion

Hey Friends!

I hope 2017 is treating you all well. I have to
say that  during this fairly long winter break that I am on,  I have been embracing more of the importance of Consistency & Passion. Especially  since I have been pursuing a certain job position in which requires a lot of interviews and training.

There has been a huge amount of reflecting on my part because I want to make sure that when I start school in about 6 days I am well prepared & not dwelling in the past or lacking any motivation.

My aunt and mom once told me to find something that you are really good at and passionate about and roll with it, be the best you can be in it, whether that is;  writing, teaching, I don't know maybe even dancing! Grab a hold of it, be consistent & claim it as yours. Be the expert in it.

I write this because  I am going to be in my last year in college and honestly it hasnt been easy at all, and it will not get any easier because that is the way life is. I have been failing …

Dear 30 Year Old Me... I Got Alot of Questions!

As odd as it sounds I am ready for school! Everyone & their grandma has started school except me. I don't start until the 19th of this month lol.

If you have read some of my post from two days ago you will know that I did terrible last year academically, so I have been kind of beating myself up.. But I think I am at the point where I have left my week long pity party and I am ready to start being excited for the future and this next semester.

I turn 22 this year which got me thinking. I will be 30 in like 8-9 years. That may seem like a long time away which it is, but i couldn't help but wonder how completely differnet my life will be at that time. What exciting things life will be throwing at me.

 I am hoping by 30 I have finished all my schooling and I am diving into my career. So here is a rather detailed letter of questions I would ask my 30 year old self!!

 [ Long Post Alert!!]

        This is your 21 year old self writing to you wondering how you ended up. You can sa…

Failing Over & Over. Is There Hope?

I'm inside my car as it is parked in the parking lot of my church. I told my sister and brother to go ahead while I stay behind . I decided to stay in the car to write this...

Whatever it is that I am writing, not really sure yet.. But let's see where this takes me yeah? 

My Prayer Last night: 
" Dear God,  I'm a continued mess & failure. I haven't achieved anything, I'm flunking every class. I'm literally just taking up space at home and I have no idea what my purpose is. I'm going to sleep, Please. Do. Not. Wake. Me. Up." 
Not the most happiest prayer... 
So what do you do when you feel like a continued failure? When it is coming to the point where your parents are saying...
"You are disgracing the family"  "I'm really disappointed in you"  "What kind of person are you"  " You are just taken up space"  " Why don't you have common sense?"  "You haven't achieved anything" 
I d…

Reflecting On Grades & New Mentality:

I did worse this past Fall semester then I have ever done. Ever. And I do not mean worse as in I got my first C, I mean worse as in D's and an F. Usually I would break down and cry about my results but something inside me changed.

It is 2017 and I am in my last year of college. From the moment I saw my poor scores I knew what exactly happened during the semester that resulted in my failing grades. I also know that I need to really turn things around this Spring semester. So you can say I am doing a lot of reflecting and planning in this post because well it is better to write or (type) things out while reflecting so you have your goals visually in front of you and you can be kept accountable.

Fall 2016: Why Did I fail my classes?

1. I was distracted.
- What was distracting me?
2. Clubs, Social Media, Josh ( I wrote about him in my last post ), loneliness
- Why did I want to be so involved with these distractions?
3. I want to have a close network. Be involved with friends
- I was …