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It Felt Good.. At Least For The Moment

It Felt Good... At Least For The Moment
       ... But now I crave JOY that surpasses all understanding

Being there with him knowing I was the one he was giving attention too.  I did not want him touching me and I told him that I didn't want him touching me, but there was a temptation to allow him to get as close as he can to any place that I felt vulnerable and then I would quickly slap his hand away.

Kissing. I mean it was nothing great to be honest. But it felt good because well a older guy wanted to kiss me. It felt good because well if this older guy finds me attractive then I must be worth something.

When I would post a selfie on Instagram, he would be one of the first to like it. This really got me, when I would post a selfie on snap chat and he would message me saying that I look beautiful. Then I would message back thanking him as if I did not know already that I was beautiful and he was doing me a favor by telling me that.

Sounds silly right?

Never in a million years did…