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Growing Together: The Importance of Friendship & Mental Health

Hey everyone! this post is very special because it is my first guest post by one of my favorite bloggers Rowana Abbensetts of the blog Spoken Black Girl! Read more about her at the end!

One of the trickiest things about mental illness is its invisibility. You can’t see mental illness at a glance. Heck, you can go for years sitting next to the same person every day, sharing lunch dates and  cracking jokes while still not know that they are struggling with mental illness. The stigma around mental illness is so strong that even someone close to you could be suffering, but unwilling to come forward and share their pain with you. September is Suicide Awareness Month, and so now more than ever, I think we should all make sure that we are showing all of our families and friends real compassion. Being receptive, really listening to others and sharing our own stories of struggle and pain can make such a huge difference in our loved one’s lives.

A few months into starting my mental health blog …