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Jealousy Is Not Cool!

Hey Friends!

As you can already tell, I am an open book. So because of that I am going to start this post off with a story from my life of course, as I always do.

For the sake of this post I am going to use the fake name "Katie". Here we go.

Katie and I are really good friends, we have been friends for 3 years now I believe. Just a couple of months ago she got into a relationship. Which I am so happy about because if you knew the two year connection Katie and her boyfriend had before they got together, you would agree with me when I say they totally deserve each other ( that sounded sarcastic, but I am serious lol).

Anyways, through out their dating and what not I had to fight a jealous vibe within me that I didn't realize I had.

There was a post I published last week called He Does Not Define You  I told a story of my best guy friend. It was probably around the time I finally cut that guy out of my life that Katie's relationship with her boyfriend began to get s…