Survival Guide Through Community College!

I feel like every time someone hears of community college it brings up a bad taste.

Maybe not to everyone, but I remember in high school most of my teachers would encourage all of us to go straight to a four year university because community college can be a long and difficult route to get through.

Well, that used to be my mentality as well. Community college was not an option for me in my head, I wanted to go straight into a four year. BOY were my dreams flipped.

Any route you take to get through school will be tough, but as I am someone who has gone through community college and finished in two years and one semester, I know what it takes to make sure you get through community college at a fair time and not waste your time there for five years. So here are a few tips I conjured up to get you through junior college in two years and nothing more.

1). Make Up Your Mind!

Make the conscious decision before you even start school that you will be out of there in two years, latest two years & a semester. You want your mind to always be wired to that set goal so that no matter what setbacks occur, you can always jump back into the swing of things.

2).  Make A Class Plan

I do not mean just any class plan. Make sure this is a plan of the classes you will be taking for the year.  You and your counselor must have walked through it and agreed on it.

3). Check In With Counselor Every Semester

A lot of students make this mistake of not following up with their counselor each semester. There is a site called It gives all the mandatory classes that are needed to transfer to a specific Cal state or UC school. The requirements can always change, that is why it is super important to check in with your counselor to make sure you are not taking any unnecessary classes that will keep you longer in community college

I met with my counselor 2 times during the semester. The first time was at the very beginning of classes where I still had time to drop classes without a W or fail. That way I could secure with my counselor any concerns I have about my schedule. Then, I would also meet up with my counselor at the very end of the semester to kind of reflect on how I did and get a head start on planning for the next semester.

 4). Pick A Major That YOU Enjoy

It is true that if you study something that you are already interested in than you will do so much better in your classes because you will actually enjoy what you are studying & spend more time on the subject.

5). Go Get The Extra Help!

If you are struggling in a class, go to your teacher's office hours or get some tutoring ( PLEASE! ). The worse thing you want to do is delay on the help and fail the class. Yes, we will always have our moments when we give our best but don't do as well as we could of. But, you do not want to accumulate so many failed classes.

One, it will delay your transfer especially if the classes are mandatory. Two, your GPA will suffer as well and there are many schools especially UC's that require a 3.0 GPA or higher.

6). Priority Registration!!!!

Honestly, more people are going to junior college for the mere reason that it is way cheaper. That is why it is getting so difficult to get classes.

 After my first semester of community college and only being able to get into two classes, I made sure to join the Honors Program. This program is beneficial in many ways; your transcripts will show that you took honors courses, and if you complete the program you will have honors stamped on your transcript which makes you stand out when applying to a four year university ( who doesn't want to stand out right?)  Most importantly, you get PRIORITY REGISTRATION. You will be among the first students to register for classes and be guaranteed a spot in your classes ( awesome right?!)

I  recommend applying to this program if your junior college has it, or at least applying to any type of program that rewards you with priority registration.


Those are the six tips I did that helped me get through community college in 2 years!

Honestly, going to community college and transferring was a very wise decision for me. I was able to start off college at a pace that was comfortable for me in which allowed me to kick off my first two years very well!

Nikki O.


  1. I use to think that community colleges were no good. In fact a lot of people frowned upon the idea. I don't care anymore because with my situation, it will be the most affordable one for me. What people don't understand is that it is actually a great way to save money. You can do two years at community college then transfer to another school. It is not such a huge deal. people need to chill out.
    wishing you all the best,

    1. I was the same way! YES, I forgot to mention that! You are so right. Community college is definitely a cheaper route for the first two years :). Girl go for it! Don't let anyone change your mind, stay focused and you will get through it in no time!

      Thanks for your comment! x

      Nikki O. |

  2. I'm not sure what community colleges are, how are they different from normal ones? I'm not sure we have them in the UK!

    Corinne x

    1. Hey Corinne!

      Community college is a two year institution that you can attend after high school in order to get your general requirements done before going to a four year university. That way when you go to a four year university you already have two years done and you just need two more years and you graduate. Community college is a lot cheaper and a lot of students choose that path because of how cheaper it is :). That is one option or there is always the option of just going straight to a four year university after high school.

      Nikki O. |

  3. I am kinda glad I do not have to go through college again. Your tips will be very useful for freshman! Iga


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