Reflecting On The Feeling Of Loneliness --- A Blog Response to Tainted Blues's "Loneliness" Post

             "The Worse Loneliness Is Not To Be Comfortable With Yourself" - Mark Twain 

This is my second Blog Response and I think I am going to continue doing these. I really love reading blogs that touch me and that I know will inspire other people and writing about them.

With that said, I wanted to write about the topic of Loneliness.

I was moved to write about this topic by the blog Tainted Blues from Isabelle Collins. Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good personal story that allows me to connect with the writer, that is why I loved her post because she describes Loneliness on a personal level.

While reading her post I was reflecting on my own life and the various times that I have felt lonely.

From middle school to high school to even now in college I still get this overwhelming feeling of loneliness that I can not seem to shake off. I can recall times where I would just be laying on my bed getting ready to sleep and tears would just start running down my face simply because I just felt this hole in my heart and kept hearing the same voice in my head reminding me that I am lonely.

I am not writing this to put step by step on how to get through loneliness because I feel like loneliness is a universal feeling. Everyone at some put will go through it whether it is for a short time or for a long period of time. What I am here to say is that when you are going through this feeling please do not look at it as being in a dark pit that you will never come out of. Instead, look at that moment in your life as a vulnerable time for you to start getting to know yourself & loving yourself.

IT IS DIFFICULT. I had to make sure I made that clear, a lot of times people say advice like " Get to know yourself" as if it is a piece of cake. I know it is not. Trust Me. As a person who has had a history of depression I know loving yourself and being okay with your own company can be taunting. But, it is POSSIBLE.

I definitely recommend reading Isabelle's post on Loneliness and just her blog in general because she speaks of feelings and circumstances that a lot of us are to afraid to talk about.

I really want my blog to be a safe place, so if you ever need someone to vent to feel free to shoot me a message on the contact page. Or lets talk on the comment section :).

Your Friend Always,

Nikki O. x


  1. I loved reading this and thank you so much for doing a response! I've been using the feeling to get to know myself and work on myself xx

  2. This was such a lovely read! I remember that I always found loving myself and being comfortable with my own company hard too but like you said, it is possible and you WILL get there!x

  3. I really admire your honesty. I find it difficult when you know that people are trying to help, but their advice just isn't what you need.

    1. Thank you so much, I try to be honest & personal because I know recieving that from friends & family really helped me :)

      Me too! I kind of start to feel guilty in a way.. it is difficult and a tricky concept.

      Nikki O. |

  4. This was such an inspiring post Nikki! Whilst reading it, it made me think that anything is possible even through hard times.

    Really enjoyed reading this :)
    Mia x

    1. I am so glad it gave you hope! Thank you for your lovely comment Mia :).

      Nikki O. |


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