You Are a Winner -- A Blog Response to Thrifty Vintage Fashion's Post " Explaining How Mental Health Feels Like To Non Suffers "


These past couple of days I was doing a lot of evaluating on my blog's theme and the type of audience I am reaching out to.  I realized my passion is giving out life advice based on my own personal experiences as well as being a advocate and speaker for mental health fighters.

Lately I have been inspired by Nicole Marie's blog  Thrifty Vintage Fashion . I am driven towards  her mental health experiences and the hope she shares with her readers. She has also inspired me to write my own story on my journey through Depression.  She recently posted a blog post called Explaining What Mental Health Feels Like To Non Suffers.

She writes directly to  Non suffers who may have a loved one or friend that is struggling with mental health. Her blog post goes to a vulnerable place in describing how a person is feeling through their fight each day. Each person is different and going through their own journey but she does a great job in providing the words of real people and the description of the world they live in constantly.

I think Nicole says it well when she describes mental health as " [being] entered into the world's strongest man competition by mistake. Feels like [ you are] carrying around one of those really heavy boulders constantly on [ your] shoulders". 

As I was reflecting on her blog post I came across this fact for every mental health fighter... YOU ALWAYS WIN.

 This competition you are forced to go through everyday you always come out as a winner. 


You are a winner when you decide to smile with your group of friends even though you don't feel like it 
You are winner when you decided to put down the razor just for today 
You are a winner when you decided to talk to your best friend or your mom about your journey
You are winner when you decided to get out of bed today even though you were wishing you could die in your sleep the night before
You are a winner every time you refrain from taking action even though those suicidal thoughts are tempting you. 
You are a winner every time you make the decision every day to not let anxiety run your life

You are a Winner. 

Check out Nicole Marie's Thrifty Vintage Fashion's Blog to read her many eye opening post about mental health :)

Nikki O.


  1. I love this! I really like how you describe everyone as being a winner, I couldn't agree more! I am a winner because I get through everyday! Thank you for mentioning my post, I'm glad you enjoyed it and felt inspired to write this post x

    1. It was a pleasure to write this. I'm so glad you loved it Nicole! Thank you for reading! :)

      Nikki O. |


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