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From One Broke College Student To Another :)

Hey Friends :). Well school is around the corner in just one month. Anyone else receiving small amounts of grants which are not even enough to pay for half of your tuition???... Yeah me too. ( Bring On the Loans Again).

Anyone going to college can agree with me when I say that school is already tough enough, now to add in the fact that you are in financial just makes things very discouraging. It definitely makes things difficult because then we start to wonder is it all worth it?

Here is what I think.


College is expensive and can be intense at times. I am sure we were all aware of this before we even applied. But there is a few things to think about to encourage you to keep running the educational race.

1). Why did you enter college in the first place? (other than "my parents made me")
2). Know that you are NOT the only one struggling
3). Do you truly enjoy what you are studying? ( major/minor)
4). What are you REALLY passionate about doing in the future?
5). Look how far you have come, are you really going to throw it all away and give up now? (I would hope the answer is NO!)

Earlier this week I was feeling very frustrated while calculating my school fees, the idea of "dropping out of college" ran through my head. I had to immediately snap myself out of it. I had to remind myself that I have so much going for me already within my college career.

1). I transferred out of community college in 2 years ( pretty difficult nowadays)
2). I finished freshmen and sophomore year with honors
3). I am finishing my last two years at a Cal State University
4). I LOVE my field of study ( major: psychology/ minor: AFAM )
5). I plan to go to Law School one day, dropping out of college is not an option lol.

Sure, in some circumstances college is not for everyone. Nevertheless, I am talking to that student who has came so far in his/her college career and still has a spark of passion in them for education. I am talking to that student who although is taking out 1 or 2 loans, still has their end goal in mind, I am also talking to myself when I say..

Keep at it. Don't Give Up.
" There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs"

From One Broke College Student to Another,

Nikki O. :)


  1. Such a lovely post. It's good to tell yourself not to give up and you can do it. Keep up the great work x

    1. Thank you Elle! So glad you liked it :)

  2. Greetings! Great post as always - really enjoy reading up on your college advice. Being a student can be hard and I really commend you for sticking through it and getting your education.
    I was wondering if you ever considered Housesitting as a means for income. It is a low-maintenance job and has the benefit of free accommodation. Housesitters have the chance to earn some money on the side while still having time to work and relax - on the job! I recommend visiting a website like to view opportunities for you!

    1. Actually I have never thought of house-sitting, it seems interesting :). At the moment I am actually working at a nursing facility which is helping me a bit but thank you so much for the suggestion! And thank you for reading :)


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