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Don't Rush The Exploring Process!

Hey Friends!

I am just going to write and see where this takes me.. :)

In about one month I start school again. I am a community college transfer student officially starting my first semester at a four year. I am really excited because I will be living on campus. Ever since I started college I have been commuting so the dorm life should be interesting.

I am excited for this new school year because I feel like I will finally be able to explore my passions and new talents.

Maybe it is just me, but there is something about still living under my parents roof that makes me feel unable to really chase after my dreams.  I know that there has always been something itching inside of me to expand my horizons. For example, my major is Psychology but for the LONGEST time I have wanted to add a minor ( African American Studies).. Unfortunately, my parents have been against this idea because they feel that I will be in school a lot longer. Although I understand their concern, why should that matter?

I am suppose to graduate next year, but if I declare this minor I will be graduating 2018 instead. Is that necessarily a bad thing?

College has become so much about finishing in exactly four years and moving on. We have forgotten about the learning part, the parts where we dive into different ideas and subjects. You should not feel pressured to graduate in society's time interval.. take your time and explore your passions, really enjoy the learning process of it all.

Of course, do not spend 12 years in college.. but then again, make use of your time there. If you are interested in that Philosophy minor GO for it. If you want that Legal internship apply for it!

This summer has been very laid back so I have had a lot of time to think about my education and career lately.

Don't hold back!
"Everything great comes with time" :)

Nikki O.


  1. I think that university/college is a time to be selfish and really think about ourselves and what we want. If you believe that adding your minor will make a difference, improve you as a person and an academic, and will be worth the time and money you'll put into it, then there's really no reason not to go for it. College should be all bout you and your choices - if this is the one you want to make, then do it!
    Lx | life, et cetera

    1. You are so right Lucy! College is definitely a time to explore our options and make use of every opportunity. I will definitely be declaring the minor--- the history of racism, social issues etc that I will be learning, will definitely help me as I pursue law school in the future. *fingers crossed* Thank you so much for your input:).

      Nikki O. |


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