Comparison Is The Thief of Joy!

Seventeen magazines were always my guilty pleasure in middle school. I remember I would lay down on my bed and just get caught up in the thoughts of " if only my hair looked like hers" " I wish my skin was lighter" or " If my butt was a little bigger and I had all the right curves.."

So many "ifs" and comparisons that I began to ignore what I do have. For example, I have always been a tall girl. For that reason at a young age, people would compliment my legs because they were long and looked like runners legs. Maybe you are someone who can rock a good afro everywhere you go, do you realize how sophisticated that is? How about the fact that many people who meet you always compliment your eyes because your eyelashes are just naturally on fleek ( Yes, I went there).

It drives me nuts how we spend so much time pointing out things about our body that we don't like, what about taking a moment to find something that you DO like about your body. Changing your mind to think about the positives makes all the difference.

Now let's talk about Personality because that is a big one. As soon as you lack inner beauty and a sincere personality, the long hair, curves, flat stomach, luscious lips will not matter. I have came across so many people in my life who have stunning outside beauty but when it came to dealing with others and having to put others first before themselves, their true colors came out.

Fighters, I truly believe happiness, confidence and healing is found when you stop comparing yourselves to others. It is honestly a battle that you can not win. I challenge you instead to CREATE. MOVE. INSPIRE. Everyday work to become a better version of yourselves and the right people will notice that. I guarantee you everything else will fall into place.

" Don't Compare Yourself With Anyone Else In This World. If You Do, You Are Insulting Yourself"

Nikki O.


  1. I love this! ❤️

    1. I am so glad it touched you, thank you so much Megan :).


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