The #1 Step to Remeber When Dealing With Depression & Self Harm

I remember a special friend of mine called me up at about 11:00pm sobbing to me about how overwhelmed she was. She was going through it all, depression, anxiety, self harm urges, and muscle pain. As she was expressing herself to me, my heart broke and all I wanted to do was give her a hug. I knew exactly what she was going through because I have been through it all myself. At a very young age I had terrible self-esteem issues, basically it was 5th grade all the way till my freshmen year of college. I had to go through the nightmares of self- harming, suicidal thoughts, and Depression.

                   My freshmen year of college.. Christian Club Retreat!

It wasn’t until my freshmen year of college, at a Christian club retreat where I finally was able to talk to someone who understood me. She was a person that had also been through the exact pain I had been going through. So there we were, in our bedroom on the floor, as I was sobbing in her shoulders explaining how I just could not get over my urge to self-harm.

It was during that time that I learned how remembering your value and worth through all this is EXTREMELY important. I believe it is one of the first steps to healing. Yes, talk to a very close friend or family member, you will then see that when you talk to someone you will be continuously reminded of how much you are worth.

My Dear Friend,
You Are a Treasure.  Yes. A Treasure. Do you need me to say it again?
You are a Treasure, and you are worth so much.

No, it does not make all the pain go away. It will not make your journey go by any faster either. I will tell you what it will do though, having someone who will continuously listen to you and remind you how valuable you are and how strong you are definitely makes the pain more bearable. Allow me to be that friend for you.

Your friend through it all,

Nikki O.

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  1. Such a sweet post! Loving your blog:) xx, Hayley


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