Monday, April 10, 2017

UPDATE POST.. Remeber Me?

Hey! yeah I know it has been a good minute.

I feel like sometimes I will have a writing high for a good week or two and then I will have dry seasons where you won't hear from me again. I have been doing guest posting where I am allowing other bloggers to write their mental health stories on my blog, but when it comes to me actually having a post with my own words, well I haven't posted such a thing since January!
So what has been going on with me?

School. School has been mediocre I suppose. I mean that in terms of my grades. I am not failing my classes like I did last semester which is good but I'm not getting B's and A's either. Community college and university are two different ball games when it comes to grading and exams. In community college I was doing really well and flying through my classes now in university I am proud when I get a C+ on a exam because of how difficult the professor grades. If I was cruising through my classes and going at the pace I am suppose to be at, I should be graduating by the end of this coming May. That is not happening, I will be graduating next year in May, which is fine by me. I have actually came to terms with that and I am glad that is the case. If I was graduating this May I would be freaking out. I cannot tell you what I want to do next; social work, or law school or both?!  still trying to figure that out and what better way to continue figuring that out than to just stay that extra year in college, pull up my Gpa and give God my hopes and dreams.

My Job. I have tweeted about this a few times before. I am a CNA and I work with mentally disabled adults. I basically do everything for them, I feed them dinner, give them showers, change their clothes and diapers as well as put them to bed. I am not kidding when I say the first 1-2 weeks I would leave work emotional because I did not know how to effectively transfer a patient or how to deal with a patient's mood swings and tantrums. Now that I have been working at the faculty for a little over a month I feel a lot more comfortable.

My Faith. Let's just say God has been gracious. I got this opportunity over my Spring Break to go to a week long conference in North San Diego at Polamor Mountain where my school's Christian club/ organization did bible studies and worshipping. It was definitely a fun and emotional week, where I made really close friends and was able to redefine my relationship with God.

There is a lot I have to say about this conference, but we will leave this to another post! :)

That was pretty much an update of my life. How have all of you been, I have missed writing and actually posting, but I am BACK :).


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