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Nigeria. An Overwhelming Sense Of Home

The last two weeks of 2018 my family and I took a long awaited trip to Nigeria. There, my dad and mom took us around the villages ofUmugaragu and Eziala where they grew up. We celebrated Christmas, New Years, but most especially my parents 25th Wedding Anniversary.

I still have yet to go into detail and share with you all about my experience traveling outside the country for the first time, and just being embraced by the culture shock.

But until then.. here is a short poem of just the few words that I would use to describe my first impression of Nigeria.

Beautiful. Humbling.  A far away place my dad would speak of .. now became real.  Family rooted. Culturally sustained. Endless " You Are Welcome" greetings 
- You seldom hear in America. 
Nigeria. This place is home. Constantly reminded by uncles, aunts, great grandma " You Are Home" 
Nigeria. An overwhelming sense of home

                                                                       - Nikki Opar…

Your Voice & My Voice Matters.. 💙


I miss this.

I took a break from blogging/writing because I let certain people tell me my words and thoughts didn't matter.
I believed them when they said my words and experiences have no value without success to back it up.

False. All of that I count it as false. And I hope if there is someone in your life telling you the same lies, that you have a support system that reminds you how powerful your voice is.

Your voice is powerful my friend. Your words have an substantial meaning.
Better yet your presence is Important. This world needs you. This world needs the wisdom and knowledge and experiences you are attaining everyday.

So if you are a writer, poet, singer, actor, creator, whatever you may be.. we need your melodies, we need your imagination, we need your flowing word art. We need your personal creation.

We need you.

I miss this. I'm back friends 💙


Nikki O.

I'm. Done. Writing. 2018.

So this is really difficult.

I'm not going to be updating this blog for awhile, at least not for the rest of this year. There is a lot I need to focus on when it comes to myself, my career, and just my overall life. I also feel kind of inadequate to have this blog, this was a place for me to express myself, as well as share some of my experiences as a young adult and the lessons I am learning.. but I feel like a hypocrite. It's like who am I to share life lessons and advice if I don't even have my own life together. Right?

I guess I do not know what to grab a hold of at this point.. the idea that you do not have to have it all figured out to be an encouragement to people OR you have to wait and be established in order for your story and words to have real meaning. I'm confused.

My blog was overall pushing the message that you can share your story even in the midst of the storm, you can still be a light and be the reason someone doesn't give up even if your life is…

The Conversation of Mental Health/Wellness In Our K-12 Programs: A Wake Up Call.

I am sure we all can remember that one teacher or supervisor from middle school, high school or elementary school that we catered to a majority of the time.

That person gave you the time of day outside academics and class schedules, was your cheerleader when it came to breakdowns and doubts. I'm talking about that staff member that let you eat lunch with them when your friends abandoned you. Anyone ring a bell?

 For me it is my high school academic counselor. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a post I wrote that was dedicated to her and thanking her for all the support and encouragement she gave me. Without her constant support and willingness to put aside time to give me pep talks during my emotional breakdowns, I do not know whether I would be alive today. She is a prime example of what it means to make a major impact on a student's life. I only hope many teachers can learn from her and her impressionable actions.

Essentially this all got me thinking.. do all…