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To The Oblivious Cowardly Guy Who Failed To Impress Me...

Eight things that is officially on my regret list:

1. sending you that poem...

2. Writing that poem..

3. you becoming "that" person to me..

4. allowing you back into my life..

5. liking your attention..

6. the fact that your one of my closest guy friends

7. I am SO comfortable talking to you ( It is actually annoying..)

8. We have so much  history...

But One Thing I Will Never Regret Is Meeting You

*** If you want some context as to whom I am writing to, I refer to him as "Leo" in a post I wrote back in 2016 called He Does Not Define You. Read that to be better informed, or if you don't care.. read on haha***

I do not regret meeting you because through experiencing what you had to offer  or the lack of, I learned who I am, what I like and don't like, my pet peeves and so much more.

I learned a very important lesson, that this world does not revolve around me (unfortunately,) and so for that reason not everyone will have the same heart or mindset as me.. and…

" The Lord Whispers to Me.." ( Original)

Maybe this is the Lord whispering to me
.. He is not for you
Let me hold your heart instead
It is delicate, let me protect it
Let me save it from this world's empty promises

Maybe the Lord whispers to me
You and every women far exceed
'beautiful' and 'pretty'
that cute does not even begin to describe the priceless treasure you are to me
Created to be exceedingly, abundantly more than just 'babe' and 'sweetie'

And maybe the Lord is whispering to me
That just like he parted the red sea
He parts the heavy emotions within me
Disciplines me like he did Moses
Taming my outbursts and anxieties

Maybe this is the Lord whispering to me
Watch the good work I'm doing with your struggles and mistakes
They say you fall seven get up eight
The Lord whispers to me to fall, fall into my grace
Remember David who lie with another women
Recalled who holds his salvation
Dropped to his face begging for forgiveness
... And the Lord forgives

I was twelve when I first s…

BeBrave Story #9 ( ABINA GEORGE): Coping With Anxiety & Depression

Hi Everyone! It's JUNE, a new month and so here is a new #BeBrave story from one of my favorite writers: Abina George. You can read more about her biography and work after this post. 

Abina shares with us her experience with anxiety and depression and ways in which she has been coping with it. Thank you so much Abina for sharing your story!

After growing up in an emotionally abusive environment to a schizophrenic single mother, you could say my mental foundation is delicate. Despite living amongst so much stress and sickness, my mental issues started truly presenting themselves upon my entrance to college. School stresses me out. I worry and panic to the point that I’m physically cannot attend to my assignments not attend class. I desire success and achievement like the average student by the worry of underperforming prevents me from truly understanding the subject matter. 
My underperformance in my studies spills over into the rest of my life. I cannot seem to comprehend that my fa…

I Hate Having A Crush Pt 3

"Hey may I talk to you about something? Are you free Wednesday at 3?"

Was the message I sent to my crush through snapchat, trying to muster up the tiny bit of courage I had left to tell him how I felt about him...

You have probably already guessed by the title what this post is going to be about. This is " I Hate Having A Crush" Pt 3. The last part of this small series, I didn't even know this was a series but I just liked the ring to it so we are sticking with it. If you haven't read the last two post just like this you may want to do so and get caught up.

I Hate Having A Crush Pt 1
I Hate Having A Crush Pt 2

Well this is it. The end of my dying love fest of the guy I have been writing poems and tweeting about because on Wednesday May 16th, 2018 I told my crush that I liked him. We met up in front of a lecture hall on a bench and I kid you not my anxiety had been on a high literally the whole week, and the fact that it was finals week as well did not make i…