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November Already? I'm Thankful.

Now I am sure you have read in every tweet, facebook status, blog post, instagram caption, the same thing " I can't believe it's already November" "Where has the time gone?" Well, I do not mean to bore you with the same beginning and disbelief but honestly, wasn't it just yesterday that we rang in the year 2017?? and now we are already looking forward to 2018. I just want to take a quick moment to say how thankful I am that God has brought me this far. This is probably something a lot of people tend to write about during New Years, but I couldn't help but think how emotionally draining 2017 has been for us as a country and just how overwhelming it is to know that God is not finished with us yet.

If you are reading this post take the time to reflect with me on the fact that you are ALIVE. Forget about whether you have accomplished so and so goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year but just emerge yourself in the gratitude of the gift…

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